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what youth through yonder window breaks?"

i know you are the one, don't you?


secret cameron 3 fathers day


jane and others about to
live recordings for 2015-11-26 moonrise pt1
live recordings for 2015-11-26 moonrise pt2
alien hypnotist live at railroad square first friday 11-07-2014
tape echos amps
the future is bright for the jig meister
goodbye bank of ass mp3
fripp go hi rob mp3
legal ethical wise (brain on first person shooters) mp3
rock reggee dub mp3 ogg
blip blop ambientmp3
csound wii stuff
home again ogg
hey-blin, song for my hon mp3
so-low, while they was away mp3
com_out_of_the_light, on-line shopping lust mp3
intensity's myspace page here

new pics of the youngest here

intensity production's new flash website here
csound looper expirements acoustic guitar cadenza mp3
budda baby lullaby blues tounge twister lyrics mp3
algo-jam zoo2macand-mix mp3
pictures from 2003 one big page slide show
Very Silly. Kids on the Mic and some SoundTracker loop mp3
First Jesus Figs Show, 1985 recording mp3
unwrap. a sound file utility for fixing wrapping of stereo signed integer files. (those nasty squarewaves...) sources
sleepy chucho. 2004.03.10 mp3
rose bass edge gui 2004.01.19 mp3
here's a look at my drumkit image
sometimes the redhats
Trip to the Stars. Starring Riley and Cameron Hirai (2000) mpg
stars for Alias Wavefront's Maya 3.x from the movie "Trip to the Stars" here
here are pictures from summer 2002
here is stuff hosted at fsu
trial by death
jesus figs
baby leo tobias' photos
fall 2003 pictures by grandma
unm coursework at unm
racin kreol
here is a postscript version of the background for printing ... very psycadelic
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